Board Members

President (presently held by Tim Welch) – The President represents the voice of the entire league and will perform his/her responsibilities for the league always abiding in this stipulation.  The President will seek and consider the input offered by any club before making a decision or allowing a vote on an issue.  The President does have Co-Authority to sign on all league issued checks (along with Treasurer).  In addition, no change can be made to a by-law without a discussion involving the President.  The President reserves the right to make a decision on behalf of the league if a vote is not possible, as long as the decision represents the best interest of the SSWL teams, and does not violate any SSWL by-law. 

The member teams decide who holds the office of President by way of a member vote.  One team = One member vote.  The President can be voted out of office at anytime, as long as an official vote is taken to remove him/her from leadership.  Immediately, the President should step down and allow a successor to take over the President’s responsibilities.  A recommendation and vote should be performed during that same meeting or the next one to bring a new President into leadership (Official vote includes 80% of league members, in attendance and voting the President in or out of leadership).  If necessary, the Treasurer can fulfill the President’s role until an official vote can be taken.

The President is primarily responsible for:

1.      Overseeing and coordinating the operation of the league, and all matters that pertain to that operation.
2.      Calling together and chairing all league meetings.
3.      Facilitating over the decision making process, which involves conducting votes on most issues and changes to the by-laws.
4.      Delegating authority or assigning specific functions, and creating special committees as needed.
5.      Presiding over all issues, matters, concerns, and challenges that reside between member teams.
6.      Breaking all votes that involve ties.

Treasurer (presently held by Matt Opheim) – The Treasurer will preside over the finances of the SSWL.  Any monies collected by the SSWL are the property of the SSWL, and can be used only for SSWL functions, activities, and expenditures.  The treasurer has Co-signature authority on all league issued checks.

The Treasurer is primarily responsible for:

1.      Collecting and disbursing monies.
2.      Maintain records of all financial transactions for the League.
3.      Account for all receipts and disbursements, and make these records available when requested by SSWL members.
4.      Provide a financial report at each SSWL meeting, summarizing the accounts of the SSWL. 
5.      Handle all record keeping and coordination of liability insurance.  Presently the SSWL uses the Bob Lied Agency.