Ideals and Philosophy of the SSWL

  1. All wrestling clubs will act and participate within the best interest of the league.
  2. There is a no coaching policy at every SSWL competitive event. No exceptions. Coaches, parents, and family members can encourage the competitors during the actual competition, but any instruction or coaching should be done once the wrestler has left the mat. In addition, each club should educate their families as to the no-coaching rule.
  3. It is the responsibility of the wrestling club’s administrators, coaches, and parents to demonstrate good sportsmanship and behavior at all times. Abusive behavior towards any wrestler, coach, parents, or official will not be tolerated. Any action deemed inappropriate by the host of an event will be met with immediate consequences. The offending party will be asked to leave the event. The host administrator reserves the right to stop an event from continuing, until the offending party has left the venue. If the offending party is resistant to leaving the venue, consider involving the police or school security. If the League President is in attendance, he/she will assist the host administrator in the removal of the offending party. If the President is not in attendance, the host administrator should contact the SSWL President to discuss the matter shortly after the event has concluded. Together they determine an appropriate response. The President will inform all parties of the consequences.

If the SSWL is going to continue to operate with its ideals and philosophy intact, then each club should discuss the “Ideals and Philosophy” with its wrestlers and families. In addition, each team administrator, head coach or his representative needs to control, and take responsibility for the conduct of their team, parents, or parties attached to their club name. Also, if a participating wrestler is disqualified, or a club coach is asked to leave from a league-sponsored match or tournament for un-sportsmanlike conduct, the SSWL would ask that he/she not participate in the next (1) league sponsored match or league sponsored tournament.