SSWL Scholarship Program

Each year the South Suburban League will offer two $500 scholarships to be awarded to two former SSWL wrestlers as a one-time gift. The criteria for being eligible for one of these awards:

  1. The wrestler must graduate from a high school, where the high school wrestling program is supported by a youth wrestling club that is currently in good standing with the South Suburban League.
  2. The wrestler must have wrestled in the South Suburban league for three years or more.
  3. The wrestler must have wrestled three years or more for the high school wrestling program.
  4. The wrestler must be accepted to an institution of higher learning where they are attempting to further their education. (This could a 2 year or 4 year college, or a trade school). The scholarship will be forwarded to the institution where the wrestler has accepted and plans to attend in the Fall.
  5. The applicant should expect to submit an application and offer a short essay on “How wrestling changed them as a person.” Applications should come to the league through the Head Coach of the high school team, or the President of that wrestling club for which the wrestler competed.
  6. Applications and essay’s can be submitted from March 1 through May 1st in the year the wrestler is graduating from high school.
  7. Consideration will be given to a wrestler’s essay, GPA, Leadership, and time investment in their community (ie. Volunteering, Eagle Scout, Missions work, Student Leadership position). All of this information will be inquired on the application.

The scholarship winner will be decided by the President of SSWL and/or a committee of his choosing. The wrestling coach from the school in which a wrestler is submitting an application, will not be invited to join the committee that makes the selections for that year.

The one-time award will be available for the upcoming fall semester. If the awarded wrestler should decide to forgo college for one year, the league will hold on to his/her scholarship and apply it towards the wrestler’s education one year later. It will be the responsibility of the scholarship winner to contact the SSWL President and communicate his intentions should a situation like this arise.